Vemork at night

Film Rjukan

by Ian Brodie· September 30, 2018· in · 0 comments
Key Brief Create a website to promote filming in the Rjukan region of Norway. The Film Rjukan website was created in conjunction with Norway Communicates. Utilising imagery from the Ian Brodie Photo library, this multi faceted website incorporates text from Norway Communicates in a partnership with the council and tourism office in Rjukan. Design and implemetation by Ian Brodie Consulting. Visit Website Partners
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by Ian Brodie· January 26, 2017· in · 0 comments
The town of Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway has a remarkable history. The birth of modern Norwegian tourism, the development of hydroelectric power and artificial fertiliser to feed a growing world population, facilitation of modern-day workers’ rights, nuclear development and the bravery and tenacity of wartime saboteurs.
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