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Sygard Grytting
Ian Brodie is an award winning photographer and author. He creates images, drone images and video along with website design, film stills photos and 360 degree panoramas for many clients in Norway, including Visit Lillehammer, Visit Telemark, Visit Innlandet, and many other tourism and accommodation operators.
Ian is the Director of Photography for Hidden. You can see many of Ian's images and videos within the Hidden application. As a member of the Hidden team he has a special understanding of all the requirements that images and videos require to appear correctly within the application.
The options below cover the most popular client choices. Please contact Ian for other packages. 
Pricing Options
Images and Video

Half Day

To create 10+ iconic images (air/ground/360 panorama) and video of an attraction or accommodation.
Half day on site.
Full 4K video supplied in multiple formats for broadcast or web. Editing with soundtrack. 30 seconds duration.
Images and Video

Full Day

To create 10+ iconic images (air/ground/360 panorama) and video of an attraction or accommodation.
Full day on site.
Full 4K video supplied in multiple formats for broadcast or web. Editing with soundtrack. 1-2 minutes duration. Meals and accommodation to be provided.

Ian Brodie is a regular visitor to Norway and over the last eight years has amassed a number of clients across the country who value quality images and video that they can use with no limitations to promote their business.

Listed below are just some of his clients. Click on the links below to browse some of his existing work.

Client Example

Sygard Grytting in Winter
Key Brief 

This award-winning property has been in the Grytting family for over 700 years. Located in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley of Norway (about an hours drive from Lillehammer), Sygard Grytting is a step back in time, this historic farm hotel is one of the country’s oldest wooden hotels, with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, some of Norway’s best preserved from this time.

I have worked with Stig and Hilde twice before, capturing images of the hotel in summer but this time they wanted to showcase the beauty of the property during a Norwegian winter. Elements required were;

* Aerial images of property.
* Additional internal images of rooms.
* Key outdoor images showcasing the courtyard and family hospitality.

These clients are fantastic to work with and they are so happy to provide all the extra props required along with excellent creative ideas. This work was created over a 24 hour period on site and then five days processing back home.
The same family has occupied the land since 1300 and the present hoteliers are the 17th generation. To put this into perspective, that’s over 700 years, which means that 300 years before the Pilgrim Fathers left England for the New World, Sygard Grytting was already hosting pilgrims on their way to Trondheim. The hotel is part of a working farm, and guests can be assured they are eating meat raised on the farm, vegetables grown in the garden and fruit harvested from the many trees that surround the buildings.
Interior Images (Nikon D850)
In the Middle Ages the hotel served as a ‘halfway house’ for travellers heading into the mountains. The term ‘halfway house’ means literally halfway into your journey, and travellers would have stayed only one night. During the Russian Revolution, many Russians who fled their homeland stayed here until the end of the war. The hotel then became a summer retreat for people wanting fresh air and water and the opportunity to enjoy exercise in the open air.
Exterior Courtyard Images
(Nikon D850, Nikon D750, NISI Filters, Various Lenses, Manfrotto Tripod)
From 1958 to 1994 the hotel was closed and some of the buildings were used as a school, railway offices and a carving school. The local doctor also used the premises.

Guests are offered a range of accommodation: staying in the main house, which dates to 1870; the loft, which dates to 1349 during the Black Plague in Norway; or in the other buildings, which are 700 years old. Very tasteful and sympathetic renovation has been carried out over the last 25 years, with the resulting accommodation a pleasant journey back in time through the history of the valley.
Guests, Details
(Nikon D850, Nikon D750, NISI Filters, Various Lenses, Manfrotto Tripod)
It's wonderful when you have guests staying that don't mind at all being part of the photo-shoot!
When you stay somewhere as old and beautiful as this - it's all in the details!
Exterior (ground)
(Nikon D850, Nikon D750, NISI Filters, Various Lenses, Manfrotto Tripod)

The location lends itself to beautiful winter images showcasing the original wooden buildings set in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. The two landscape panoramas (below) were taken with a Nikon D850 24-70mm. A total of 15 images for each panorama merged within Adobe Lightroom.
Exterior (air)
(Phantom 4 Pro, PolarPro Filters, Crystal Sky Monitor)

A DJI Phantom 4 Pro was utilised to capture the aerial images and video. All images were DNG Raw processed in Adobe Lightroom and Luminar 3.

Although not part of the brief, I did create this short video for Stig as a thank you for his continued support.
I hope this gives a better idea of the type of work I undertake for my Norwegian hotel and attraction clients. It's a part of my business I love. 

For more information or bookings please visit my website here or send me an email.

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