In February 2017 the first Birkebeinerspelet took place at Mesna Activities and Accommodation. The culmination of twelve months planning, it was very pleasing to see 2000 people attend this event held over three evenings. Utilising props recovered after the filming of Birkebeinerne in 2015, three cabins were placed in an open grassed area at Mesna to help develop film tourism at Mesna.

Discussions between Kristoffer Hauger, Camilla Li and Ian Brodie in early 2016 identified the opportunity to create a play that encompassed the film, the historical story and the landscape (which appears both in the film and in the historical event). With the full cooperation of Paradox Film and the original scriptwriter, Norwegian actor and writer Åsmund Brede Eike created this 45 minute extravaganza to both tell the story of Birkebeinerne and showcase the landscape and Icelandic horses that featured in the film. In addition to the play, a market and refreshment area provided entertainment for the guests and a special walkway to the outdoor theatre  around the frozen Nor Mesna complete with choir, drummer and costumed actors set the mood for the evening entertainment.

In February 2018 Birkebeinerspelet was performed over three nights to more than 2000 people.


Images from Birkebeinerspelet 2018

Images from Birkebeinerspelet 2017

Meet The Cast (A series of videos created by Ian Brodie)


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