Peer Gynt

January 24, 2017 · Arda (The World), Norway, Peer Gynt · 0 comments

By a lake, between forests and steep mountains in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you can experience Norway’s most famous folk tale in a spectacular outdoor theatre production. The dramatic poem Peer Gynt is staged all over the world, but it was here that Ibsen found his inspiration.

Peer Gynt is considered a literary masterpiece, both in Norway and abroad. The drama entertains and challenges its readers and theatre audiences in every corner of the world. 

The poem invokes existential questions, and invites to thought and reflection. The character Peer Gynt is universal, and behind the fairytale creatures and entertaining show, there is a depiction of the ordinary person and the conflicts one can meet in life. This drama is therefore always relevant. With the accompanying music inspired by Edvard Grieg’s original theatre music, the theatre production of Peer Gynt at Gålå offers a unique experience of Norwegian culture, music and nature, which both entertains and touches its spectators. 

Although the play is performed in Norwegian, the production is well suited for an international audience, with English and German introductions, summary booklets and audio guides.  The play is performed annually on the shores of Lake Gålåvatnet at Gålå.

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