by Ian Brodie· April 03, 2017· in · 0 comments
Ian has strong roots in Somerset. His forebears lived there for hundreds of years before a branch of the family emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1800’s. Visiting Somerset many times on holiday, this love turned to a collaboration with Visit Somerset to create an enhanced e-book covering the diverse history and heritage of the county. In 2015 Ian shifted to Wells and spent six months travelling over 5000 miles around Somerset, capturing the area and all of its beauty. The resultant e-book was launched at the Palace of Westminster in May 2016 (pictured here). Ian said: “One of the main things that surprised me about Somerset was its diversity. In such a small distance you can see very different attractions, many that you would not expect to find in England. “I fell in love with The Levels. It is an area of unexpected beauty. Walking along a path with the rustling of reeds on one side and distant views of the magic of Avalon peeping through trees on the other is quite spectacular. We arrived at a bird hide and expected to spend a moment there. An hour later we were still there, the only humans in sight, […]
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