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Film Rjukan

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Key Brief Create a website to promote filming in the Rjukan region of Norway. The Film Rjukan website was created in conjunction with Norway Communicates. Utilising imagery from the Ian Brodie Photo library, this multi faceted website incorporates text from Norway Communicates in a partnership with the council and tourism office in Rjukan. Design and implemetation by Ian Brodie Consulting. Visit Website Partners
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Espedalen Travelling through Espedalen is a beautiful journey in a lush cultural landscape, ranging from lowlands with picturesque farms to vast open mountain plateaus. This is where the moose roam, and the chances of meeting this king of the forest are good. There are numerous cultural experiences to be enjoyed along the route, such as herb gardens, the potholes at Helvete, nickel mines, horseback riding and local beer from Norway’s only mountain brewery. Espedalen has retained its natural character, and is often referred to as our ‘friendly wilderness’. The natural attractions are many, and the valley is the gateway to Jotunheimen from the east. It is the perfect starting point for hikes, and is ideal for less experienced walkers and others who prefer gentle mountain terrain. At the bottom of the valley you will find Espedalsvatnet, a 13 km-long lake.    To stay in the Espedalen Valley at these properties is the opportunity to experience both Norwegian hospitality and amazing scenery in one location. StayDalseter Mountain HotelThis welcoming family-run hotel was rebuilt in 1964 after a devastating fire. Formerly a lodge before it was rebuilt as a hotel, it was originally designed by the grandfather of the current owner. His […]
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Images for Eurostop,  a group of cafes and accommodation in Norway. Some great opportunities to use black and white to highlight the Norwegian design.
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The town of Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway has a remarkable history. The birth of modern Norwegian tourism, the development of hydroelectric power and artificial fertiliser to feed a growing world population, facilitation of modern-day workers’ rights, nuclear development and the bravery and tenacity of wartime saboteurs.
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The town of Lillehammer and the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley are located only 2 hours by car (180 km) north of Oslo, the capital. In this region, from Lillehammer in the south to Rondane National Park in the north, you will find numerous gems steeped in cultural history and offering unique adventures, heritage accommodation and traditional Norwegian food.
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Peer Gynt

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By a lake, between forests and steep mountains in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you can experience Norway’s most famous folk tale in a spectacular outdoor theatre production. The dramatic poem Peer Gynt is staged all over the world, but it was here that Ibsen found his inspiration.
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