Screen Tourism and Affective LandscapesThe Real, the Virtual, and the Cinematic Edited by ERIK CHAMPION, JANE STADLER, and ROBERT PEASLEE Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group) have announced the publication of their book Screen Tourism and Affective Landscapes. This book is a comprehensive collection of essays by international scholars and a screen tourism practitioner, opening up a space for dialogue between the academy and industry. This interdisciplinary book is of interest to practitioners in a number of fields, including cultural studies, tourism studies, media studies, cultural heritage and visualisation studies. My contributing chapter entitled Screen Tourism: Marketing the Moods and Myths of Magic Places explores a number of topics incorporating both the development and implementation of screen tourism in New Zealand and overseas. It offers some practical advice on building screen tourism destinations, tourism and film-making and case studies of some of my projects in New Zealand, Australia and Norway. I am so very proud to have been invited to add my experience of screen tourism in the opening chapter - it's a passion that was awoken in me way back in 1974. As the only non academic contributor I am awed to be listed with the other authors and their scholarly backgrounds. […]
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