Mesna Activities and Accommodation

Mesna Activities

Ian first met the amazing team from Mesna Activities and Accommodation when he was unit stills photographer on the feature film Birkebeinerne.

Providing all the Icelandic horses and many of the stuntmen for the film, they were an integral part of the whole production.

Following the release of the film they obtained four cabins used in the film and placed them on their property to develop a film tourism attraction.

Ian was added to the team as a film tourism mentor and is been working with Mesna Activities and Accommodation to both develop and further expand this exciting opportunity.

The next phase of the programme is a winter outdoor play, featuring both the Icelandic horses and the cabins.

The first play was in February 2017 with 2000 people attending the three spelet. A gallery is below. 


  • We are so lucky to have Ian Brodie as mentor, financed by Innovation Norway. Ian has much experience with film tourism, among others "The Lord of the Rings".
Birkebeinerspelet 2017

A selection of images from the very successful Birkebeinerspelet 2017. The next spelet will take place in early 2018.


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