Outback from the air.
Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. After successfully operating drones for the last ten years I am proud to announce I now hold an official Australian commercial RePL Drone Licence. I am also officially endorsed with a sub class <25kg rating (meaning I can fly drones that weigh up to 25kg). I also now hold an AROC (Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate). What does all this mean – essentially I am fully certified to operate commercial drones in Australia and have been approved by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority. This gives me the ability to operate legally within airport zones (with correct approval). My licence is your safeguard. for some of my drone images please see Explore Ian Brodie Photo. The RePL is not just a piece of paper. The week long classroom course is both theory and practical and fully covers subjects that include: Aerodynamics Navigation Lithium Polymer Batteries Air Law RPA Components Meteorology Human Factors Risk Assessment Mission Planning Our other two instructors made sure we had a thorough understanding of both the theory of flight (pictured right) and also the operation of larger drones like the Inspire 2 (far right). The course was held by […]
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