H is for Happiness H is for Happiness H is for Happiness H is for Happiness
H is for Happiness Film Tourism Guide

I am delighted to be able to share my first screen tourism guide for Western Australia. Created in conjunction with ScreenWest and the Great South West Development Commission, this guide showcases the locations used in the feature film H is for Happiness which was released in May 2020.

The guide is designed as both a tourism guide and an insight into the film, a cost effective enhancement to any feature film or television series.

ScreenWest have recognised the importance of screen tourism both in promotion of film and the subsequent interest in the locations and desire by the public to visit.

A further guide will be released later in 2020 featuring the Mount Barker region, showcased in the feature film Rams.

This product fits any production, large or small, and working on set with the Unit Publicist and crew, allows for a seamless integration in the films work-flow.

The author spent one day on the set of H is for Happiness, and during that time was able to gather all the required interviews. As a Unit Still photographer, he can also combine both projects together, as will be seen in the release of Rams.

The guide can be shared via most social media channels and can also be embedded directly into a website. It can be viewed (and is optimised) for all screens (PC/Mac/iOS/Android).

Its rich media content and precise information, maps, links and videos allows a multitude of uses both within the film and general tourism arena.

Please contact Ian Brodie for more information.

H is for Happiness

An interactive guide to Albany and the south-west region of Western Australia.


Accessible Locations
feature in the film, centred on the town of Albany in the Great Southern district of Western Australia.

Press Release from ScreenWest

Screenwest worked with photographer Ian Brodie, the Great Southern Development Commission and the producers of Western Australian Feature Film H is for Happiness to create a legacy for the local community.

Filmed in Albany, feature film H is for Happiness has recently released for digital rent and download, and as border restrictions lift, there has been no better time to plan an adventure within the great state of Western Australia.

If you loved H is for Happiness, want to find out more about the film, its creators, cast and locations? Then peruse this specially curated guide of experiences and landmarks from the film. Start planning your visit to Albany today!

This was made possible with the support of The Western Australian State Government through Lotterywest and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

For enquiries about filming in Western Australia contact our Production Attraction and Services Manager, Gabrielle Cole or check out our location gallery.

H Is For Happiness is produced by Cyan Films Pty Ltd and The Koop Pty Ltd with the assistance of Screen Australia, Screenwest and the Western Australian Regional Film Fund, Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund, Film Victoria and Universal Pictures.

H is for Happiness is available to buy now on DVD & Digital.

Happiness Sparks Film Tourism (and vice versa)