I’ve just finished watching The Troll (directed by Roar Uthaug) on Netflix. Take Jurassic Park and mix it with Godzilla and you have some idea of the format of this wonderful film. Released just a few weeks ago it has already climbed to Number One as Netflix’s most popular non-English film. I can only agree. I am not going to give any of the plot away in this post at all. There are no spoilers. Rather, watching this homage to Norway, her landscape and mythology has prompted me to look back into my extensive Norwegian image library and share some of the locations with you. After nineteen trips to Norway, Covid very quickly put a hold to that, but now I am ready to return – to travel once again through my second home. Here are some Troll memories and locations. Dovre/Hjerken Huus This region is where we first see our friend as he emerges from the tunnel excavations. In summer, this road is an absolute dream to drive – gentle curves across one of the higher plateaus on The E6 between Lillehammer and Trondheim. Gudbrandsdalen As our friend moves south he starts to stomp down the Gudbrandsdalen Valley towards […]
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