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In the Heart of My Garden (with Jill Herron)

December 24, 2016 · Books (Printed) · 0 comments

Anyone who has ever visited Central knows it's a special place.

That the gardens of Central are equally distinctive and exist in the face of a challenging climactic range that says they shouldn't also goes without saying. Yet despite the soaring summer heat and the searing wind, the relentless snowfall and sudden blackening frost - exquisite gardens persist in this unique and challenging environment.

Some are newly created, carefully planned to reflect their owners' love of their new home - others are the inherited result of generations of loving care, compost and years of dogged hard work. Still others are evolving and ever-changing as their owners learn new lessons about the land they tend with every new season.

In a visually stunning tribute to those gardeners and the gardens they cherish, award-winning photographer Ian Brodie and gardening writer Jill Herron go into the heart of some of the amazing gardens of Central Otago to showcase the stunning beauty and diversity of this unique region.


About the Author

Jill Herron, a professional gardening writer, has combined her talents with award-winning photographer Ian Brodie to showcase the stunning beauty and diversity of this unique region. Both passionate gardeners, Jill lives in Tarras, while Ian has recently moved from Wanaka to Matamata.


Published 2010


ISBN: 1 869 50789 4

128 pages

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