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Ian Brodie is proud to be a co-founder with Pal Rørby of Hidden, an innovative AR development that will see the rich mythology and heritage of Norway brought to life in a new and innovative way.
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Mesna Activities and Accommodation

Mesna Activities

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Ian first met the amazing team from Mesna Activities and Accommodation when he was unit stills photographer on the feature film Birkebeinerne. Providing all the Icelandic horses and many of the stuntmen for the film, they were an integral part of the whole production. Following the release of the film they obtained four cabins used in the film and placed them on their property to develop a film tourism attraction. Ian was added to the team as a film tourism mentor and is been working with Mesna Activities and Accommodation to both develop and further expand this exciting opportunity. The next phase of the programme is a winter outdoor play, featuring both the Icelandic horses and the cabins. The first play was in February 2017 with 2000 people attending the three spelet. A gallery is below.    We are so lucky to have Ian Brodie as mentor, financed by Innovation Norway. Ian has much experience with film tourism, among others "The Lord of the Rings". , Mesna Activities and Accommodation Birkebeinerspelet 2017 A selection of images from the very successful Birkebeinerspelet 2017. The next spelet will take place in early 2018.  
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Hobbiton Movie Set

Tourism New Zealand

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Ongoing supply of images featuring film locations and landscapes of New Zealand. Images used by; Tourism New Zealand Film New Zealand Air New Zealand Warner Bros
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Into Norway: Home of Culture

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KEY BRIEF: CAPTURE THE ESSENCE OF THE HEDMARK REGION THROUGH ITS HISTORY, HERITAGE, ATTRACTIONS & BOUTIQUE HOTELS. Photographic and brochure copy assignment for Visit Lillehammer. Three visits in three seasons with a client brief of capturing the history and heritage of the Oppland region of Norway.  Images created for brochure, web and multimedia uses. Over 20 attractions and hotels included. Enhanced e-Book for Visit Lillehammer released December 2016   e-Book Information The Lillehammer region and Gudbrandsdalen (Gudbrand Valley) in Norway offer a myriad of cultural experiences and activities in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Join award winning author and photographer, Ian J Brodie, on a journey of discovery through the history and heritage of the region. Travelling from Lillehammer in the south to Rondane National Park in the north, you will discover a vibrant cultural landscape with farms clinging to the mountain sides and picturesque villages along the way. You will find numerous gems steeped in cultural history and offering unique adventures, heritage accommodation and traditional Norwegian food. A scenery in which you can relax, enjoy the tranquillity and find inspiration. With Into Norway you will get a unique insight into Norwegian culture and way of life, with authentic stories and […]
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Official photographer for Visit Somerset. A major project released in May 2016 at Westminster wass an enhanced e-book entitled Visit Somerset: History and Heritage. Available for free download on Apple and Android devices. Also published on the Visit Somerset website in HTML 5 format. Project also incorporates royalty free images for use by Visit Somerset and image media library website creation for sale of images and downloads for media use. Book incorporates 450 images, 25,000 words, audio and video. All images, text and e-book creation by Ian Brodie Consulting.   e-Book Information Somerset is a county that has it all. Ranked seventh in the UK for size with vast expanses of open, unspoilt spaces waiting to be explored. Join award winning author and photographer, Ian Brodie, on a journey of discovery through the history and heritage of the county. Uncover the stunning variety of scenery: compare the bleak majesty of the Mendip Hills with the ever-changing vistas of Exmoor, the soft folds of the southern hills, the rich green flatness of the Levels, the great expanses of sand beaches with their popular resort towns and the rocky headlands at either end of the Somerset shoreline. Discover noble ‘wool’ churches, with […]
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 Official photographer for Visit Rjukan, Telemark, Norway. In 2014, an enhanced e-book for Apple iPad was released in conjunction with The Heavy Water War mini-series. This 200 page book tells the story of Rjukan and in particular the battle for heavy water during WWII. IAN SPENT 10 WEEKS IN RJUKAN CAPTURING THE WINTER LANDSCAPE AND IMAGES FOR THE HEAVY WATER WAR MINI-SERIES.   e-Book Information The town of Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway has a remarkable history. The birth of modern Norwegian tourism, the development of hydroelectric power and artificial fertiliser to feed a growing world population, facilitation of moder-day workers' rights, nuclear development and the bravery and tenacity of wartime saboteurs. This enhanced e-book tells the amazing story of Rjukan alongside the filming of the award winning NRK produced mini-series, The Heavy Water War. This book was completely revised and updated in June 2017. It is a free download from Apple iBooks. It includes A foreword by The Heavy Water War Director Per-Olav Sørensen. Interactive maps and location directions Touring and attraction information with direct links to websites. Exclusive images from the mini-series. Extensive full-screen slideshows and panorama images. Audio guided walking tours. Background information on the […]
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